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Alton Bed & Biscuit offers the very best in boarding accomodations for your dog! It has a home away from home atmosphere with spacious, individual, climate controlled rooms, raised dog cots with soft plush beds that maximize your pet's comfort during their stay with us!

Dogs are rotated throughout the day between three outdoor play areas, one being 75ft X 25ft covered play area so that neither rain nor sleet/snow can stop your dog from having fun! There's also a dog lounge with a couch and a flat screen TV for relaxing, an indoor play area, and dogs are taken for walks on a leash throughout the day.


We offer one very special room for a single cat or a family of cats to be boarded together. The room offers an exhilarating cat walk that encompasses the entire room with a climbing post and a window perch and many other fun and stimulating toys to keep your kitty busy for hours!! There's even a bird feeder hung outside your kitties room so they can have live entertainment by feathered friends!! Vaccinations required for over night boarding are feline distemper and feline leukemia.


Alton Bed & Biscuit offers a fun and stimulating place for dogs to socialize, exercise and make new friends! Play groups are based on size, age and playstyle. A typical day includes running and playing in one of the three outdoor play areas, relaxing on the couch in the lounge and watching the flat screen TV , taking a nap in the sunshine, playing in the indoor playroom, exploring the outdoors, having an afternoon snack and running and playing some more!!

Daycare drop off begins at 7:00 AM and ends at 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


Doesn't your pampered pet deserve a spa day?! Alton Bed & Biscuit will treat your dog to a bath with our bathing beauty massaging bathing system using only top quality natural shampoos and products, nails will be cut and filed, ears will be cleaned, a spray conditioner will be applied for the skin and coat, pets are personally hand dried (no sitting in cages!!!) Sanitary areas, feet and pads neatly trimmed and a cut of your choice will be given. Fragrant Cologne and a sporty bandanna are the finishing touches to a perfect doggie spa day! Call for your pets' appointment today!!!



Can be picked up at Alton Bed & Biscuit during our business hours.


Rabies, Distemper/parvo and Bordetella (updated every 6 months)

*** Please make sure your dog is up to date on Frontline plus flea and tick preventative!!

Alton Bed & Biscuit is a no flea zone.


We ask that you bring your own dog's food from your home and please portion your dog's meals into ziploc baggies with their name labeled on each baggie. This is a safe way of making sure we are feeding your dog the correct amount of food at each feeding. We also provide treats throughout the day but you are welcome to bring your dog's favorite goodies from home too!!


Please bring your dogs medication in a bottle that is clearly marked with all instructions. There is no additional charge for administering medication!


we unfortunately cannot accommodate dogs with anxiety disorders such as excessive barking or dogs that have separation anxiety.